Frequently Asked Questions

Easy Sped Tracker is a program that lets Special Educators track their required service time online. Easy Sped Tracker can be accessed anywhere you have internet access.

You can access the program through any device with internet access, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones utilizing an Internet browser like Microsoft IE/Edge, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari. You will have a unique URL address that you will use to access this program.

Easy Sped/SpedTrack hosts the program and fully manages the technology on your behalf.

Easy Sped Tracker utilizes industry standard security methods, including: 

  • Encryption of data between your browser and our software (SSL/TLS)
  • Unique user accounts and passwords per user
  • Limited login attempts
  • Firewall

It is easy to set up a student for either content mastery/sped intervention or inclusion. Simply set the student’s time requirements for either content mastery/sped intervention or inclusion.

You can easily set the student’s time requirements to both.

The current Special Education teacher would go in the student list, edit and select inactive and save.

If the student returns to the previous campus, then the teacher at that campus would go to student list, edit and select active. If the student will be at another campus, transferring/sending teacher or admin can go in to the student list, edit and change the grade level and campus and save.

You would enter the date range filter of the previous year’s data that you need.

If a student changes campuses during the year, then the transferring/sending teacher would go to the student list, edit and change to the new campus and save.

The transferring/sending teacher would go to student list, edit and change the grade level and campus and save.

The student’s first and last name, student ID number, the required CM/Sped Intervention or required Inclusion times.

Student data may be entered by the teacher manually or they data may be uploaded with a template.

No. The Easy Sped Tracker Program is a strategy and tool for special education teachers to use to organize and track content mastery/sped intervention and inclusion time and data. You may enter in real time or manually enter time to meet your needs.

As with any data collection and time reporting, the data needs to be checked. Once the times have been entered and saved, the special education teacher or special education aide need to check their data at the end of each day to check for data entry and keyboarding errors.

Yes. There are some error messages in place to help with catching some time entry errors. However, the time and data entries need to be checked by special education staff each day.

Student’s times will need to be manually tracked with log sheets and then when the internet is accessible, the times may be manually entered into the Easy Sped Tracker.

Yes. There is a User Guide as part of the Easy Sped Tracker program. 

No. Teachers, aides and students are assigned by campus. You only see the teachers, aides, students and data for your specific campus.

Administration has rights to access all campuses, teacher, aides, students and student data and reports.

About Easy Sped Tracker

Easy Sped Tracker was created by Kara Stone, a Special Education Teacher with 20+ years’ experience in data collection for Content Mastery/Sped Intervention and Inclusion. It was designed to save teachers time and alleviate the headaches of managing paper records. Easy Sped Tracker is a web-based solution, offering instant access to Content Mastery/Sped Intervention and Inclusion records from any device. The system helps ensure compliance by providing accountability tools for teachers and reporting for administrators.

About SpedTrack

SpedTrack is a software company that is committed to simplifying the Special Education process for teachers and administrators. Currently serving over 400 districts across the country, SpedTrack is one of the leaders in the industry. SpedTrack currently offers solutions that help manage IEPs, Evaluations, Goal Progress, Section 504, and Medicaid Billing.